Image of Massive 3 yard x 2 yard Sewn Devon Flag -

Massive 3 yard x 2 yard Sewn Devon Flag -

£75.00 / On Sale

We get these MOD quality sewn flags individually made for us here in the UK. Designed for everyday flying they include the toggle . Big & heavy , 3 yard x 2 yard, it's perfect for hotel,camp site, farm, town hall , church or wherever. Usually £95 + p&p - we overordered and can offer immediate delivery @ £75 inclusive UK p&p whilst stocks last

How it all began

The concept of a Devon flag was initially put forward during a discussion on BBC Devon's web-site. View the BBC article.

Devonians Moved to Verse

Dartmouth Mariner and Devon Flag Group member, Kevin Pyne has composed a poem.

Suggested Flying Days

The Devon Flag Group have released a list of suggested flying days for the new Devon Flag, though there is no excuse not to fly it every day!!

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