Image of DevonFlag Dog Bandana

DevonFlag Dog Bandana

£4.00 / On Sale

This is what the smart dogs of Devon are wearing this season. The Devon Flag scarf simply threads onto the collar. Made for us here in the Westcountry and available in 3 sizes. Small £4- Jack Russells, Westies etc. Medium £4.50-Spaniels etc. Large £5- Labradors size.

Please note the collar nor the dog is not supplied.

How it all began

The concept of a Devon flag was initially put forward during a discussion on BBC Devon's web-site. View the BBC article.

Devonians Moved to Verse

Dartmouth Mariner and Devon Flag Group member, Kevin Pyne has composed a poem.

Suggested Flying Days

The Devon Flag Group have released a list of suggested flying days for the new Devon Flag, though there is no excuse not to fly it every day!!

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