In Honour of the Flag

The following poem was written by Dartmouth Mariner Kevin Pyne

The Devon Flag

Across the soft breeze in gentle rhythm
Like the summer seas upon its shore
The warm janners green flag flies
To mark this mornings coming day
St Petroc's long lost Celtic cross is found
The cruciform shape sea spume white 
A calm white of saintly patience
The white of clay 
Our flag, which on stormy days cracks and shimmers 
Up in the salt caked cross trees
Of perhaps a thousand small ships
Marking those who have Devon in their hearts
May it watch over and guide our fishermen and seamen
Until they are safe again 
Let it fly high on the church towers as the clock strikes 
To bring the farmers
To the green fields which feed a nation
Dumnonia's flag 
Its cross is laced with black 
As is the Moorland granite
The timeless headstone 
Where they have carved our names in the past
And where we will remember those who have served our nation 
Yet even as the flag was born..

The Devon Flag has been dedicated to St Petrock (or Petroc), who is a Celtic saint who frequented Devon & Cornwall. There are many churches (and other buildings) named after St Petrock - with Devon having the advantage in numbers.