Suggested Flying Days

We would encourage Devonians to fly the Devon Flag as often as they like - any day is a good day. However some organisations or people may have a number of flags and have asked for a specific list of dates on which it is 'more' appropriate to fly the Devon Flag. The Devon Flag Group have therefore agreed on the following list of dates, based on local events and the annual celebrations for Devon's saints.

Many of the Saints mentioned above have strong links to Devon going back over a thousand years. Many are linked to strange and miraculous tales, and most are still venerated or celebrated each year on the days above.

We also suggest the Devon Flag be flown at local events such as the Dartmouth Regatta, The Hunting of the Earl of Rone in Combe Martin etc.., whenever Devon's Rugby team are playing and the day after each win.

(St Rumon of Tavistock and Romansleigh)
(St Brannock of Braunton)
(St Piran - patron saint of tin miners)
(St Brannock - as celebrated in Exeter)
(Anniversary of first time Devon Flag Flown
(at World Gig Chamionship 2003, Isles of Scilly)
(Devon County Show)
(St Kevin)
(St Petroc's day)
(St Boniface of Crediton)
(St Gudwal - hermit of Devon)
(St Nectan)
(Midsummers day)
(St Brannock - another feast day)
(St Urith
(St Juthware)
(Anniversary of battle against Spanish Armada off Devon)
(St Geraint of Dumnonia)
(St Rumon - feast day)
(Anniversary of drakes Circumnavigation of the World)
(St Cumgar)
(St Kea, Guy Fawkes night, and many local customs)
(St Congar)
(St Budoc of Plymouth)
(St Corentin)
(New Years Eve to twelfth night)4 January 
7 January 
5 March 
7 April 
May Bank
3 June 
4 June 
5 June
6 June
17 June
21/22 June
26 June
8 July
13 July
30 July
10 August
30 August
26 September
2 November
5 November
7 November
8 December
12 December
21/22 December
31 Dec to 6 Jan

[Courtesy of the Devon Flag Group]